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Cognitive Paths facilitates cross-sector collaboration to improve leadership perspective in society.



Our approach is rooted in workforce development, access to economic opportunities for business and community engagement. Diversity underpins all our programs, with a focus on skills development from community, schools, and universities.



Placemaking for us is about fostering connections among people and across cultures. The relationships built among diverse groups of people create safer, more open places that create greater opportunities and foster a sense that everyone is welcome.



We act as a broker and a voice for minority businesses and the wider social enterprise sector. Our main objective is to support micro-enterprises access to mainstream economic opportunities.


Our Story

Cognitive Paths was founded in 2016 with the aim to provide a cultural education framework for young people aged 8 – 16 from diverse backgrounds. In our discovery stage, we noticed a need for administrative functions and marketing services. Starting an education program and business support was the answer to our findings. Combining our lived experiences, cultural heritage and theoretical knowledge led to the formation of Cognitive Paths. Our mission was to create an umbrella organisation that supports informal structures that mainly operate locally and are discouraged by compliance and complicated procedures. We believe that Cognitive Paths can help with the burden, costs and mental capacity required to grow and sustain micro-enterprises to be investable.

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