Bristol Black History Month

Bristol Black History Month Magazine

The economic and social contribution of the Black African and Caribbean Diaspora Communities has continuously been undervalued and under-promoted. To combat the lack of awareness and knowledge of these contributions, we have put together The Bristol Black History Month Magazine. Through the magazine, we showcase the past and present realities and legacies of the Black communities.

This magazine holds up a mirror to the progress of the region in terms of social, economic, academic, enterprising and racial equality. For systemic change to happen, it is vital that people of all backgrounds engage with these topics. Bristol Black History Month Magazine is for everyone to read, enjoy, and educate themselves about the experience and contributions of the Black communities. Our vision is to provide a platform which celebrates the achievements and stories of Caribbean and African heritage communities in the South West, providing content that is reflective of the communities so that we improve the involvement and engagement of the communities in future opportunities, issues and solutions. 

This year we have formed a new partnership with BSWN, Punch Records and Cables and Camera to bring an exciting 2021 digital edition of the Magazine. Our collaboration brings inclusive media focusing around the topics of HERITAGE, TALENT, KNOWLEDGE and EDUCATION to amplify Black voices, culture and lived experience.

Check out our 2021 digital edition available here! You can also pre-order a printed copy of our magazine, to place your order click here!

Bristol Black History Month
Bristol Black History Month
Bristol Black History Month

My passion to facilitate the Bristol Black History Month project is inspired by my uncle Dimape Serenyane, co-founder of the first Black-owned advertising agency in South Africa. HerdBuoys was founded in 1991, built in post-apartheid South Africa.  Their aspiration was to diversify the creative sector aiming to change the subservient roles continuously used to portray Black characters.  HerdBouys used advertising is a tool to influence behaviour,  raise aspirations and change mindsets both for the audience and the creators. The aim was to create a platform that promotes,  produces and distributes positive inspirational Black content.  

This 6th Edition of the BHM Magazine is produced with perseverance, memory and hope; perseverance for driving a creative sector agenda with limited resources, in memory of my uncles, grandma, and family entrepreneurism, and hope to see a more representative creative sector in the South West. Our collective mission with BSWN, Punch Records and Cables&Cameras is to support and develop underrepresented young and seasoned creatives in the South West, so that we can all enjoy media that is reflective of modern Britain.

The report findings from the Social Mobility Commission and the Creative Majority Report paint a stark image about the diversity gap in the UK’s Creative Industry. Through the Magazine platforms, we have been able to test and learn how to find and attract talent for over 6 years. Our ambition is to work with partner agencies that want to co-develop talent in the film, advertising, marketing and design industry. 

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