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Minority-Led Businesses in Bristol are more likely than other SMEs to be located in areas of above- average unemployment, poverty, and low educational attainment. Therefore, there is an important role for these enterprises to play in both providing employment and services to underserved communities and raising aspirations across the board.

We believe that it is crucial that our support for minority-led enterprises, which operate in more deprived areas, goes the extra mile to ensure that it is easily accessed by those who need it. And while we still observe a strong correlation between areas of high economic deprivation and the proportion of the local population from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, ensuring that minority-led businesses are engaged from the outset is critical in improving the economic and social gaps of the city.

We aim to create substantial opportunities for minority-owned small and medium enterprises to have a positive impact on socio-economic growth through greater integration into public procurement. Supporting business accessibility to the public procurement process is critical when considering the individual and collective businesses, and the social value benefits.

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Black History MonthBusiness Development

Black History Month is an annual commemoration throughout October that acknowledges the importance of African and African Caribbean culture and history, using a number of events, such as dance, music, film, theatre, talks, workshops and much more, designed for all age groups. BHM has been celebrated widely around the world since the 1920’s. In Bristol, the month of October is about bringing together the many different ethnicities that make up this multicultural city to display their heritage and achievements.

If you would like to host an event or book and advertisement space, please email us on bhmbristol@gmail.com

Inside-2-Out Business Development

Inside-2-Out is a project that is designed to increase attendance and participation from the hardest-to-reach offenders within the prison system. The programme offers a range of vocational courses delivered by people from different learning backgrounds. It involves shared knowledge of people’s lived experiences, prison and civil law academics and ex-offenders. The purpose of the project is to improve students’ family relations, personal development, employability, and resettlement back into society.
Inside-2-Out has recruited local ex-offenders and entrepreneurs that will have a direct impact on local offenders’ mindsets and attitudes.

To get involved as a mentor, email getinvolved@inside2out.org.uk

Community Table Tennis ClubBusiness Development

The club teaches techniques based on hand-eye coordination, timing, balance and different serve styles. The most dedicated players have an opportunity to enter competitive league on a regional level.

The club focuses on highlighting the opportunities for young people to build relationships through the lens of the highly competitive nature of table tennis. Ultimately, we see the club as a place where the youths have an opportunity to develop a host of social and individual skills through body and mind connection.

To register, please email us at hello@cognitivepaths.co.uk

Visit Bristol and Bath
Science Park and
VR Gaming WorldBusiness Development

We are keen on supporting young people in exploring the world of work. Our initiative is an opportunity to enhance all curriculum subjects by providing a more comprehensive world experience for students in mainstream and alternative provisions. We do this to raise their career aspirations and help them gain work-experience through engagement with High Tech businesses. Our ambition is to reduce the skills gap and inform students about future careers and alternative routes to higher education.

As an Enterprise Advisor, we aim to support schools engagement in business. Our mission led us to partner with Bristol and Bath Science Park so we could offer students the best insight into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths occupations.

If you’re a school or a community group wishing to visit the site, email us at hello@cognitivepaths.co.uk

Cafe Conscious Business Development

An authentic Jamaican takeaway that focuses on serving food to support children with disabilities. A few years ago, Wayne and Denise’s son was diagnosed with autism. The event caused the couple to rethink their dietary options and led them to open Cafe Conscious.

Situated in one of Bristol’s most deprived wards (Barton Hill), the couple took on a challenge of supporting children and other parents in the area and introduced them to traditional Jamaican dishes with a twist – an added choice of a healthy eating alternative.

Cafe Conscious also provides youth with workshops that embrace creative learning using music and art as their social purpose. They also host women’s groups, who come in seeking advice and rights for their disabled children to access resources critical for the development of the fullest potentials of their children.

Wayne and Denise have a vision to enable families and communities to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The couple believe that health is more than just the food you eat, it’s also about the food education, nutritional balance, and exercise.

To order your dish today and support a workshop call 0117 955 7883 or email us at info@cafeconsciousbristol.co.uk

DigiLocal®Business Development

DigiLocal® is a community-based technology club based in the South West. The club is an initiative from High Tech Bristol & Bath CIC, and offers an hour of coding at 11 locations to 100 children per week.

Our learning programmes support and prepare young people for entering the digital world. We help them to progress, develop and combine their IT and creative abilities. The clubs are designed to encourage young people aged 8-14 to develop an interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths.

To find a club near you, email: sibusiso.tshabalala@hbb.org.uk

Play Wooden Business Development

PlayWooden is a community interest company. Their principles and values make them a bridge between a traditional social enterprise and a private company, with the aim of developing an ethical orientation towards the environment, social abilities and critical thinking skills.

PlayWooden offers a healthier alternative and more ecological entertainment for all ages. With a wide range of wooden games for local groups, public and private organisations, schools and individuals. These wooden games are the perfect way to bring colour and buzz to both indoor and outdoor events; festivals, school play days, community events, private celebrations, venues and many more. The magnetism of the games creates positive joyfulness and teamwork while benefiting the environment.

Book your PlayWooden now at playwooden@icloud.com

Kulchalee ArtsBusiness Development

Creative Art Practitioner: Leroy Wilfred Fable

Kulchalee’s innate abilities to engage audiences with his skilfully designed arts and crafts workshops have successfully engaged a broad range of clients. He focuses on producing arts and crafts, drumming, storytelling, African and Caribbean light entertainment evenings and cultural awareness training for adults. Leroy’s specialty is to educate and challenge perspectives by using art activities, performances and moral storytelling.

Leroy has been delivering workshops for over 30 years and has also produced a range of environmentally friendly products. His products and seminars have ongoing interests from schools, community groups, local authority, police, voluntary organisations, fairs and private functions.

Leroy’s passion is to inspire, motivate, teach new skills, guide others to develop self-esteem, and break down cultural barriers by encouraging active participation. His workshops and talks are individually designed to meet the needs of each enquiry so that he can captivate the audience and provide a memorable experience for each client.

If you’re interested in finding more about Leroy or setting up a meeting, please send an email to hello@cognitivepaths.co.uk

Stop and Search and Restorative Justice PractitionersBusiness Development

In partnership with BSWN and StopWatch, we facilitated a series of events in Bristol where young BME youths/leaders would learn more about the police’s right to stop and search and, conversely their right to challenge unjustified stops by the police. They will be trained to be advocates for their peers/community in a dialogue with the police to building a better relationship with them.

The aim of Y-Stop, a project by StopWatch, is to guide young people about how to interact with the police safely, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to handle a stop and search.

Through role-play and group work, we provide real practical environment and tips to help to manage what is often a confusing and challenging encounter, ending it as quickly, confidently and smoothly as possible.

Through this project by BSWN, we were able to take eight young people to debate in Parliament and also trained as Y-Stop Peer Facilitators. Our interest in supporting youths’ attitudes and behaviours towards the Criminal Justice System led us to also qualify as Restorative Justice Practitioners.

To arrange a school or community workshop, contact hello@cognitivepaths.co.uk

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