Cognitive Paths provides youth with an opportunity

… to explore and develop their own values and belief systems, spiritual awareness and high standards of personal behaviour.

We help to foster a positive and caring attitude towards other people. Our unique South African approach combines the development and understanding of students’ social and cultural traditions with an appreciation of the diversity and richness of other cultures. We deliver these workshops by hosting discussions and activities based on African-influenced philosophical principles.
These workshops are designed to enhance young people’s character, critical thinking abilities, worldly perspectives and emotional intelligence. Our workshops are suitable for pupils aged 10 – 16 in school and community settings.


Work Placements

Cognitive Paths works with High Tech and small businesses to develop suitable work placement programmes. We do this by raising aspirations and encouraging young people to unleash their skills and confidence. Allowing them to enter adulthood with a foundation of skills suitable for social and business engagement. We have supported over 30 students over the last nine months gain work experience. We see such projects as a stepping stone of the business apprenticeship pursuit along with retention improvements. Our work placement report is now available to download.

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Ubuntu Workshops - Philosophy For Children

Our Ubuntu workshops serve as a foundation to philosophy aimed at children between 10- 16 years of age. We hope to inspire children to become eloquent speakers, where they are able to articulate their thoughts and opinions in a clear, concise and respectful manner. Ubuntu workshops encourage children to debate, justify, reason, question and conclude on a wide range of topics usually with a PSHE or SMSC focus. Many of the sessions begin with a stimulus linked to the schools’ development plan and often refer to current affairs or assemblies.

SMSC is central to the educational entitlement of all children and permeates all aspects of life in school and the community. Thus we also provide workshops with a focus on the history of South Africa from 1960- 1994. This explores the struggle of Apartheid and the life of Nelson Mandela amongst other leaders. We deliver both as a discrete subject and through cross-curricular themes intersection.

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