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Our Future

Our ability to connect people and thrive as an organisation remains within our physical engagement and increasing our online presence. 

As we evolve towards a creative agency our online social space becomes our responsibility to be inclusive, relevant and respond to the needs of our clients, beneficiaries and company philosophy. 

Our digital presence will seek to be fair, act with humility to support and promote the views of others and to develop the welfare of the community as a whole. Our approach will foster inclusivity through design and delivery to ensure that our digital and physical programs represent the views of our audiences. Our leadership continues to be focused on economic and media inclusion within underrepresented sectors and speaks with a social justice tone. 

Our interest in the co-creation of narrative and stories is not to drive consensus but rather to acknowledge the difference and dissent.  The past six years have enabled us to test, learn and define our core service and philosophy.

So thank you for joining us on our journey and hope you are still with us as we evolve into a creative agency. 

Our Impact

Our Impact Reports

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Our Impact

Football Friday 

  • To start a dedicated social media channel and online presence 
  • To have a subscription model 
  • To increase the number of sites we deliver, including parks and schools
Our Impact

Ubuntu Education

  • To set up a Practical Theology Network  
  • To get our teaching material approved by SMSC Quality Mark
  • Source a school or room to deliver our after-school programme
Our Impact

Placemaking: Clifton & Hotwells Muted Communities

  • To develop a public and private tenant engagement plan
  • To progress the Carrick House project with residents
  • To explore the impact of the Harbourside Development
Our Impact

The One Bristol Curriculum

  • To have the largest range of diverse educational resources available. 
  • To develop teacher-led networks that support creating schemes of work.
  • To develop a national educational framework to benchmark diversity.
Our Impact

Ashley Ward Neighbourhood Plan: 

  • Develop a volunteer program that focuses on increasing resident engagement
  • To facilitate a developers’ network 
  • To scale our place-making program through creative arts and architecture
    Our Impact

    Ashley Ward Green Space Network

    • Identify themes, activities and needs for use for green spaces from community 
    • Identify how to share  responsibly to maintain local parks and green spaces
    • Secure funding to recruit a  parks and green space coordinator for the ward

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