Skill-Based Volunteering

Employee volunteering

Where your staff donate time and skills to tackle local social issues. Skill-based volunteering is an effective and powerful way for businesses to invest in the development of local communities as well as their own employees.

Annually, charities receive £10.3bn in donations from business and individuals but 90% of the donations go directly to the largest 6.8% of charities. Small and micro charities – which make up more than 70% of the total – receive only 3% of the income. We are working to address this imbalance and thus, encourage more business leaders and their employees to engage with small local good causes.

Skill Based Volunteering

What we offer


We offer a range of volunteering programmes to inspire companies to work together to tackle key social issues. Our vision is to support employees in gaining local insight through meaningful engagement with their local areas. We focus on enabling local organisations and initiatives to access skills and networks that they normally would not be able to access.

Our clients need your support in the following areas:

  • digital marketing
  • procurement and tender applications
  • legal assistance
  • accountancy
  • web development
  • IT support systems

Cognitive Paths can provide a three-month strategic employee volunteering package or a one-off organised and co-ordinated session. Your help means that the programme takes place in a targeted manner and that will have the most positive influence in the broader sense of the community.

Skill Based Volunteering

Hands on Heart Project

Volunteer with us and support social purpose businesses improve their services and products. Your skills and investment will have a valuable impact on local communities and individual initiatives.

Skill Based Volunteering

Journey to ROOTS

Submit an article demonstrating how your organisation has improved diversity, or celebrate your BAME staff and get a chance to be featured in Bristol Black History Month magazine 2018.

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