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Our Aims and Objectives:

While the goal and the challenge remain to move out of informality, the path is depicted not in terms of a one-dimensional remedy but rather as a gradual approach that can catalyse transition through comprehensive and integrated strategies. This will address the multi-dimensional problems rooted in the informal economy.


  • Raise aspirations through the celebration of successful minorities;
  • Inform parents with regard regards to future careers availability and labour market requirements;
  • Create an educational and economical frameworks tailored for children and minority-led enterprises;
  • Provide ongoing administration and marketing assistance to support minority-led businesses to scale-up;
  • Create opportunities for young people to access meaningful work experience and employment.

Productivity Through Education

We enable young people to gain meaningful work experience whilst working for small businesses and helping to improve their services.


Help bridge the gap by donating an hour of your industrial expertise

We have clients that would appreciate your advice and skill in the following areas: Digital Marketing, Service Pricing, Legal Agreements and Business Ambassador. Become a change maker!


Growth through Micro-Enterprise

We provide administrative and marketing assistance to support and promote micro-enterprises through the creation of new jobs and business opportunities at the local level.


We Listen. We Create. We Share.

We combine knowledge gathered from different sectors with our deep understanding of local communities to broaden project benchmarks and deliver custom solutions for our clients.

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