Ubuntu Education Programme – instilling the spirit of humanity into education


By Poonam Palan

In the past few decades the social and economic landscape has changed dramatically. Advancements in technology have changed the job market drastically and social media has grown exponentially. With employers reporting a skills gap amongst graduates and poor mental health on the rise, the skills and attributes required for young people to succeed in society have also changed.

In addition to these challenges faced by young people, the Runnymede Report has highlighted Bristol as an increasingly divided city. Ethnic minorities in the city face great disadvantage in education and employment. The BME attainment gap has also been widely reported amongst higher education institutions with the University of Bristol one of the worst affected. The injustices are also prevalent amongst people from working-class backgrounds with a distinct class ceiling in the professional workforce.

Ubuntu Education Programme - instilling the spirit of humanity into education

As the curriculum developer for the Ubuntu Education Programme, I am very excited to work with Cognitive Paths to create a culturally diverse and enriching curriculum. With a strong passion for Education, I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Education at the University of Bristol. The opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge and learn about the vibrant city of Bristol in developing this cultural education programme is fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing the impact it will have in the local community.

Following the announcement to launch a more representative curriculum “One Bristol Curriculum”  to understand the history of this dynamic city, we believe the Ubuntu Education Programme will complement this project well by providing better educational outcomes for all young people in Bristol.


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