Ubuntu Education Programme

The Ubuntu Education Programme is an extracurricular character development programme for young people aged 11-16 years.

It supports students to develop resilience, interpersonal skills and their sense of identity, to equip them with tools to succeed at school and beyond.

Based on the South African philosophy of Ubuntu, our programme focuses on building character and developing essential life skills to enable all young people to flourish regardless of perceived ability or social background.

Interactive sessions focus on social, cultural and spiritual development and use engaging methods such as role-playing, storytelling, stimulating games and introspection.

Our practitioners come from a broad range of rich cultural heritages with an abundance of knowledge and experience. Using tried and tested methods, they deliver an engaging and enriching experience for young people in Bristol.

Find out more by reading our brochure (below) for schools, teachers, parents and carers.co

We are currently looking to partner with a school to run a pilot of our programme.

For further details, please get in touch with us on ubuntu@cognitivepaths.co.uku


Ubuntu Education Programme